Our quality Control follows as below;

1) Yarn quality control;
*Yarn humidity test, unknown object,color control
*Apperance after knitting
*PH,color fastness, denier test
Not: İf the yarn has approval all the above they gets in to stock waiting for the production.

2) Production quality control;
*Measurment, strech and color
*Producing machine wiring
*Approved sample form
İf there is no problem with the above quality control approves the production and the production starts. The quality control continues till the end of the production.

3) Rosso quality control
Control of lining, color , machine wiring

4) Quality control of washing
A quality control process to test if the washing operators follow their 6 months worth of education.

5) Ironing quality control
Our quality control personnel are always following the ironing and intervene momentarly if needed. By doing this we decrease fault production by 12%.

6) Unkkown object control
İn every department we have 3 different types of magnets. We have education regarding the metal at least twice a year to inform our employee. Broken needles stored in locked boxes for 18 months and after 18 moths they are send for recycling.