As the family of Atlas socks, we have adopted the principle of producing healthy and long lasting socks according to the current conditions. This is our main goal and the way we aim to lead us to our core values and principles:

  • First, to respect without discreminate human values according to the language, religion, race, age and gender.
  • To protect and help for a more livable environment and a healthy future.
  • We bring importance to design, development and Re-De, quality control and training activities in order to ensure the continuous development of our suppliers, employees and management systems. Check them for our periodic quality objectives.
  • To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction on all kinds of quality, safety and legal requirements.

    " Atlas Socks Produces Healthy, Convenient and Long Life Socks “

ATLAS ÇORAP SAN.  management; defined the environmental policy of the organization and within the scope of our environmental management system. This policy mentioned is focused on a subject beneficial to the nature, scale, impact areas, products and services of our activities, our environmental policy is created accordingly.

ATLAS ÇORAP SAN. have adopted the aim of manufacturing, healthy, optional and desirable products of the customer expenctancy. For a more livable environment and a healthy future; We want to minimize the environmental effects of our activities. We see cleaning as a part of our business to expect to clean up the pollution and to continuously improve the necessary acts. We aim to create  awareness; In all processes including knitting, sewing, dyeing, washing, wrapping, packaging, waste and transportation activities; In addition to all kinds of laws, rules and regulations regarding the environment, our employees.

As Atlas Socks we aim to manufacture today expectaney with following the developing technology and active healthy durable and meets the expectaney of our clients. While carrying out these objectives, it is necessary to work in accordance with national and international social rights laws, to continuously improve the social security environment for our employees, to pay attention to the age limits of the employees to be recruited, to use language, religion, race, and sex discrimination is not allowed. Not to employ a worker who is below the legal age limit in the labor law and legal regulations that there is no reason to leave the work; apply for the treatment and education for minors and their families by taking the written permission of their families, the education of young people who have not completed the compulsory education method can apply. We have not adopted the principle of forced labor, non-execution in the form of a penalty, and compliance with the national and international laws in this regard, under which the minimum wage is not to employ uninsured workers, and the appropriate working hours during the hours worked in the law.

In our company, we plan to make decisions about the employees on planning, with made decisions and suggestions by employee and we have adopted as one of our main goals.

In our factory we are doing our best to eliminate any work accidents or possible injuries.